How New Communication Channels are Affecting the Role of the CCO

First it was Social Media. Then it was text messaging. As the new year begins, we are witnessing the rapid adoption of collaboration platforms such as Slack, Workplace by Facebook, Microsoft Teams and others within the Financial Services industry. As we’ve seen previously, the regulators will catch up and issue guidance on the compliant usage of these new popular, productivity-enhancing channels, but how will their adoption within a firm impact the role of the CCO?

Prohibition as a response will temporarily hold back potential compliance issues, but will also stifle potential gains in efficiency that these team-based platforms offer and potentially alienate the next generation of salespeople needed to grow revenues. Striking a balance between adoption of new technologies while maintaining the instinctive defensive posture when it comes to regulation will bring new issues that are not like those we’ve seen with email and existing approved channels.

Join us for an informative webinar with industry expert panelists as we unpack this latest communications trend and others that emerged in 2017, as well as the potential regulatory response in 2018. We will also talk predictions for the coming year and give the audience plenty of opportunities to weigh in with polling questions and open Q&A at the end.