Broker Dealers – Year End Financial Requirements

Please join us for

Broker Dealers – Year End Financial Requirements
Closing the books on 2018, and getting ready for your audit

year end

The year–end financial closing process and audit preparation “season” is almost upon us. Some call this the “Season of the Witch”… Do not be caught unawares… It is time to ask questions and make decisions to ensure you and your books are ready. What are the auditors going to be focusing on and how will they be approaching your audit?? Join our webinar for help on planning a controlled, and mindful closing process and learn how to address key audit concerns head on. This may be your last chance to keep those year-end demons at bay!

Join as we discuss:

• Securing and connecting with your Auditor
• Effective pre-planning with your Auditor
• Considerations for a complete and accurate closing
• Areas of Audit Focus
• How will your auditor address the new revenue rules implemented in 2018
• New Lease Accounting rules for 2019
• Legislative Update on PCAOB requirements