J. Michael Dryton

Senior Consultant

Michael Dryton has more than 25 years’ experience serving the financial services industry. Starting his career as outside counsel and then as General Counsel (and Anti-Money Laundering CCO) for a dually registered investment adviser and broker-dealer, he has developed a keen appreciation for finding practical solutions to difficult compliance problems. Mr. Dryton uses his extraordinarily deep industry experience to help a wide variety of investment advisers, private fund managers, and broker-dealers, particularly large, multi-channel financial organizations, to develop effective compliance programs and solve complex regulatory issues. Mr. Dryton is a frequent industry compliance instructor, conference panelist and lecturer with a thorough understanding of compliance requirements and industry best practices. He has also worked several years developing web applications and becoming familiar with the industry’s most familiar software packages in support of regulatory compliance, allowing him to assist clients to understand many of the technical issues related to Reg. S-P, Reg. S-ID, and other regulations that have technology-related (e.g. privacy) implications.

Direct: (603) 216-8953 | Email: mdryton@ncsregcomp.com