From initial registration through ongoing compliance support, Foreside complements our industry-leading expertise with online compliance management tools that automate routine compliance and monitoring tasks, eliminating costly and error-prone manual procedures. Easy-to-use online tools and a user-friendly interface streamline compliance tasks, including regulatory filings, in one centralized location. Our programs provide continuous online access to:

  • Form ADV Part 2A, Part 2B, Appendix 1

    Our team creates and maintains your plain English disclosure brochure and individual brochure supplements based on your business model and supervised persons. Changes to these documents are tracked to provide a traceable, historical record and are made readily accessible in order to meet your books and records requirements.

  • Policies and Procedures Development and Customization

    The Foreside web-based management system creates and manages the lifecycle of your firm’s compliance policies & procedures through creation, communication, monitoring, maintenance, and version control. Documents are readily accessible, allowing for coordinated updating and tracking. Other system features include:

    • Archive of different versions to meet books and records requirements
    • Forms to assist in the customization of your firm’s manual
    • Management of firm-specific content and file uploads
    • Quarterly and on-demand updates, without overwriting existing data
    • Alerts regarding new rules and updates
    • Version control of all documents

  • Model Code of Ethics

    We create and maintain your firm’s code of ethics, based on detailed feedback provided by your key stakeholders. By making these documents readily accessible to you and Foreside, we allow for coordinated review and updating to ensure complete version control.

  • Business Continuity Planning/Privacy Notice

    Our team of qualified compliance professionals establishes a business continuity plan and privacy notice based on your firm’s compliance requirements. Changes to these documents are meticulously tracked to create a historical record that meets your books and records requirements.

  • Customized Compliance Calendars

    Foreside creates and manages a fully customizable compliance calendar to track your recurring compliance tasks. Your personal calendar and alerts, along with mandatory tasks such as annual amendments and renewal payments, are seamlessly integrated for your convenience. Additional features include:

    • Reports on upcoming or completed tasks
    • Alerts for important dates and filings
    • Notifications and reminders of important deadlines
    • Upload feature for supporting documents

  • Personnel Tracking Tools

    Our team helps you manage the submission, approval, and archive of personnel information to meet books and records requirements. We help you record and report on your supervised person’s activity with online forms including:

    • Outside business activities
    • Social media protocols
    • Background check authorizations
    • Attestations and acknowledgments

  • Monthly Online Compliance Checklists

    We provide access to a series of monthly compliance checklists designed to help you complete the annual review of your compliance policies & procedures. The monthly checklist can be used to gain a better understanding of your compliance obligations and as a tool for continuing education and training.

  • Form 13 Filings

    Foreside reviews and processes your Form 13F or Form 13H filings, collecting and reviewing the needed information and submitting all forms with your approval.

  • Online Compliance Manuals
  • Web-based Compliance Management System

    Our web-based management system lets you manage your firm’s compliance policies & procedures, archive old versions of documents to meet the books and records requirement, customize your compliance manuals, manage firm-specific content, upload files, generate quarterly and on-demand reports without overwriting existing data, and receive alerts regarding new rules and updates.

  • FinTraxTM Software

    The Fintrax™ software streamlines how you monitor and manage your financial data to maintain compliance. Fintrax™ is easy-to-use, downloadable, and licensed, automatically collecting your data and calculating important values, such as required net capital. Our software gives you the ability to minimize financial reporting problems and conduct detailed transaction review for improved compliance functions.

  • Cybersecurity Assessments

    Foreside works with you to assess your cybersecurity protocols and develop a cybersecurity program that fits your business, complies with SEC guidance and is consistent with industry best practices.

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  • Library of Documents

    Foreside is constantly updating and expanding our extensive library of compliance documents to provide timely and useful information. Our expansive library of documents is fully searchable by keyword and includes:

    • Privacy notice
    • Risk matrix template
    • Advertising review
    • Recommended file folder labels
    • Solicitor licensing guide
    • Calculating regulatory assets under management
    • Examination requests lists
    • Best Execution checklists

  • Online Research, News, and Regulatory Updates

    Foreside provides access to a robust database of online research, SEC rules and related no-action letters, releases, statutes, industry-specific news and regulatory updates. You are also individually notified of regulatory changes, enabling your staff to review and map changes to relevant processes, procedures, and training.

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Regulatory compliance is complex. Whether your firm is new to managing compliance requirements or you already have a strategy in place, Foreside can add value to your regulatory compliance plan. Let us prove it – request a free consultation, and we’ll show you how we can support your registration and compliance needs.

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